The virgin spring true story

Bit of a titanic post there Todd - but most Bergman films fromt he 50s and 60 deserve it! Haven;t seen this one in a long time actually - but sooner or later I will want to get back into his work, long overdue. But, yes I've been rather foolishly only slowly watching a new-to-me Bergman once every few years of late, and I still have plenty to go Such a great film.
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The Virgin Spring

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The Virgin Spring | News | The Harvard Crimson

Based on a 13th century folksong, the screenplay was written by Ulla Isaksson. The temperature was about the freezing point, and now and then snowflakes appeared from the ice-grey mist. Everyone stopped working to admire the scene. When the birds had disappeared, Bergman mused for a moment over how pleasant it would be to have a Hollywood-like setup at his disposal: '[ However, despite all that I am turning down the American offer down flat.

Watching Ingmar Bergman's films, a moment arrives when the game of "Symbol, Symbol, who's got the Symbol," no longer suffices, the splicing of brilliant scenes becomes disjointed rather than hypnotic, and Bergman's subtle meanings are no more than a house of mirrors. When this happens, the result is failure; The Virgin Spring is a brilliant failure. The film's stunning brutality, characteristically, is intensified by precise careful photography, the soft beauty of the girl who is raped and killed, and the inhuman overtones of Scandian religion. Yet because Bergman does not delincate human characters that can give the story direction, the film does not coalesce.
Great piece Eric. I think it's top film. I like slow.
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