VAV Project Contributors

The following individuals are regular or guest contributors to the Voices Against Violence Project Blog.

Founder & Editor – Becky Owens Bullard

Becky Owens Bullard – Founder/Editor

Becky Owens Bullard is an advocate and educator on issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. Becky has conducted trainings nation-wide for diverse audiences and specializes in the intersections of domestic violence and human trafficking and creating collaborative, victim-centered responses to these issues. Becky worked as a National Trainer and Program Specialist for Polaris Project where she created the Human Trafficking Power and Control Wheel, numerous trainings and multiple trafficking victim assessment tools. In 2011, Becky’s article on “Intimate Partner and Intrafamilial Exploitation” was published by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) and in 2009, she received the Victim Advocate of the Year Award for her work as a Victim Witness Coordinator and Chair of the Nashville Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  To find out more about consulting and trainings that Becky conducts, visit her website at:

Yekaterina Reyzis – Contributor

Guest Contributor – Yekaterina Reyzis

Yekaterina (Katie) Reyzis is an advocate in the field of human trafficking and a recent graduate in the field of international human rights law and economics. Katie’s background in policy and social justice issues including international religious freedom and women’s rights led her into the anti-trafficking field, where she has found her professional niche. She hopes to advance her career by attending law school and getting involved with direct victim services in the next few years. Katie resides in Washington, D.C. with her dog, Rookie, but plans to move to the west coast in Summer 2012.

Guest Contributor – Erin Meyers

Guest Contributor – Erin Meyer

Erin Meyer is an advocate on issues of human trafficking and domestic and sexual violence. Erin currently works with End Slavery Cincinnati as the Coalition Manager where she coordinates victim services and manages coalition projects and volunteers.  Prior to joining ESC, Erin was employed with Polaris Project and the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline where she coordinated comprehensive responses to hotline calls and conducted presentations for a variety of audiences.  Erin also worked with the Casa de Maria Amor domestic violence shelter in Ecuador and served victims of sexual assault at the Sexual Assault Center of Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Guest Contributor – Michelle Spradling

Guest Contributor – Michelle Spradling

Michelle Spradling is the Project Director of the Sexual Assault Interagency Council in Denver.






Guest Contributor – Karen Moldovan

Guest Contributor – Karen Moldovan

Karen Moldovan is the Program Manager for the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA). She joined CCASA with strong experience in advocacy, education, community organizing and international development. Her professional experience has often focused on working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, individuals experiencing homelessness, and pregnant and parenting youth. Karen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Gender Studies, and a Masters of Arts in Teaching. In 2009, she completed service as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kingdom of Tonga. She is a founding member of First Response Action, which advocates for comprehensive reform for sexual assault prevention and response within the Peace Corps.

Guest Contributor – Kari Lorimer


Guest Contributor – Kari Lorimer

Kari Lorimer is an advocate for human rights specifically children’s rights, domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault.  .  Kari has had the opportunity to work as a children’s advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence.  As an advocate, Kari not only worked with the children and their mothers, but also did extensive training regarding the effects of domestic violence on children and teen dating violence throughout the community.  Along, with the YWCA, Kari started and facilitated the first teen dating violence support group in the Snohomish County area of Washington State.  Kari has also worked as a Call Specialist for the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

One response to “VAV Project Contributors

  1. Ellie Valentine

    I just learned about your Blog and am very impressed. Thanks for your hard work.
    On the “Words Hurt Series” I wonder if you know about the Operation Respect initaitive:
    I learned about it here in Ukraine when Peter Yarrow visited and recorded his “Don’t Laugh at Me” with a leading Ukrainian folk artist, Maria Burmaka. I see from the Operation Respect site that similar efforts have been made in other countries. I thought it would be of interest to you and your blog readers

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