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How did The Sunset Strip come to life? Warwick: Mmmm, I just recall we had a room with all these instruments in it and my house was a house were everyone would hang out and party all the time so people were always playing instruments and making music. I really loved just hanging out and playing. It was more fun than gigs which always involved carrying heavy equipment everywhere. He had a large lounge room and we would all meet there and spend days jamming and making up songs….. Your first LP was released in
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What song would you like us to perform next?

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Various Artists (Soundtracks) - Riot On Sunset Strip + Rarities - Ace Records

Save item Buy from Amazon UK. The riots on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip took place in the summer and fall of As riots go, they were a far cry from those that afflicted the city during either Watts or those inspired by the Rodney King beating in Hundreds of teenagers began peacefully hanging out on the Strip on weekends, creating a traffic problem though little else while waiting for the latest phenomenon of the '60s - the 'Happening'. The LA police over-reacted, imposing a curfew on under year olds and heavy-handedly breaking up the crowds that continued to gather. These rather one-sided violent affairs were magnified by the popular press of the time into The Riots On Sunset Strip.

Ten bands that rocked the strip

Never before has one and a half miles of pavement defined an era of rock quite like the Sunset Strip. A living cultural landmark — one that even has its own twitter account — has become as famous as the bands who played it. The 60s and 70s had The Doors and Frank Zappa, but the 80s grabbed the zeitgeist by the scruff of the neck and gave it a firm shake and as It went from underground to overground.
The shows are crazy fun They play almost every weekend, sometimes twice. It was the best thing on the ship. She's a travel agent in the New Orleans area.
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