Old mountains and young mountains

When mountains form through the collision of lithospheric plates, uplift of the Earth's surface is accompanied by thickening of the crust, and the buoyancy of these deep crustal roots relative to the surrounding mantle is thought to contribute to the support of mountain topography. Once active tectonism ceases, continuing erosion will progressively wear away surface relief. Here I provide new constraints on how crustal roots respond to erosional unloading over very long timescales. In old collisional mountain belts, ratios of surface relief to the thickness of the underlying crustal root are observed to be smaller than in young mountains. On the basis of gravity data, this trend is best explained by a decrease in the buoyancy of the crustal root with greater age since the most recent mountain-building episode which is consistent with metamorphic reactions produced by long-term cooling.
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9 Oldest Mountain Ranges in the World

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Antarctica's Mysterious Mountains Preserved By Ice | Live Science

The planet's fountain of youth is frozen water mantling Antarctica's mighty Gamburtsev Mountains , a new study reports. Roughly the size of the European Alps, by all rights, the million-year-old Gamburtsevs should resemble the rolling Appalachians by now, having eroded away beneath grinding ice. Instead, the Gamburtsevs are as rugged as the Rocky Mountains. No one has ever laid eyes on the Gamburtsev Mountains. The deep valleys and steep ridges are completely entombed by ice that is up to 10, feet 3, meters thick. The mountains are hidden near the 70 degrees East longitude line beneath Dome A or Argus Dome , one of the coldest places on Earth. But if Antarctica melted, the Gamburtsevs' peaks and ridges would be one of the continent's highest mountain ranges.

7 major mountain ranges in India: Some of the highest mountains in the world

Fold Mountains What are fold mountains? How are fold mountains formed? What are fold mountains? Fold mountains are mountains formed from the folding of the earth's crust. Fold mountains are formed when two plates move together a compressional plate margin.
When it comes to the majesty of nature, mountains are some of the most prominent and awe-inspiring natural formations. Mountains are home to diverse wildlife, flora, and fauna, and they are often the source of springs and rivers that support life from the highest peaks down to the lowest valleys. In addition to the numerous resources and minerals that mountains provide, they also give a glimpse into the age of a geographic area.
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